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The first thing we all need to remember is that time is the most valuable commodity we have. Neither of us needs to waste any of it. Work that can be done in our office, on the web, or on the phone, will save both of us a lot of running around, wasting our precious resources, and just generally causing stress and angst.

Before doing anything, we’ll have a brief interview session where I’ll ask you lots of questions. Some of these are:
· Location of employment
· Life style & hobbies
· Preferences for recreational activities, both indoor and outdoor
· Places you like to visit throughout the country (or internationally)
· Price range of your new home (you HAVE already been “pre-qualified,” right?)
· Time frame for buying
· Do you have another home to sell, or are you in a lease

So you see there are lots of extraneous factors that determine your level of satisfaction with your new home; LONG before we start looking for an actual house.

Once I have an accurate profile of you, I’ll be able to do a meaningful search for your new home. There’s no reason to send you a list of 30-40 homes to peruse if they don’t fit your life’s pattern. I’ll send you only those homes that fit (or come close to) your particular needs and lifestyle choices. Certainly there will be times when the perfect home is not realistic, but at least we have an idea of what would make you the happiest, and can work towards that end. There you have it.

If after all this you still want me to help you find the “perfect” home, then go to Subscribe with Paul and send me your request. I promise the process will be fun, enlightening, stress free, and in the end…fruitful! Let’s begin the adventure

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